Today we often hear and read about hackers and the safety of our data. But very few people are able to really connect what that means, or the difficulty to maintain safety throughout your data journey. When we set out to commercialize some aspects of our key features for consumer use, we paused to consider every letter or number entered or generated within Qtis and how it can reach you and back to us safely. This is important for many reasons but more so the ability to trust or have faith that someone did their job with the world-class level of skilland experience to safeguard this from the very start.  

For those of you who are new to applications and mobile devices, think about the problem from this aspect: 

You have your iPhone, which contains contacts, text messages, and in some cases passwords and credit card information. This information is important, and of course, you like to keep it safe. Apple has a “gatekeeper” process that reviews the Developer(s) software code to make sure that nothing is malicious. They do this on behalf of a mission to keep the platform (your phone) as safe as possible.

While some see this as a barrier, we see it as a valuable and important service that we ourselves perform at every junction where data is accessed and stored.  



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