Design Precise Computer Vision Models

A.I. Synthetics Designer

Model faster with greater control of accuracy when precision Computer Vision is critical to the mission.

Rights management

Data access

Data portability


Our platforms provide an array of functions that work individually or networked together to solve greater complexity for more elaborate pipelines.

Deep Learning

The platform will perform continuous improvements overnight or live during usage. This process provides better user/data experience.

Machine Multipliers

Upon learning something the operators can use machine compute power to evolve the data to improve the models.

Knowledge Ownership

When the models are certified by a subject matter expert, you then can make any portable application using decades of knowledge.

Export Knowledge

Export model(s) to use internally, or access them via the APIs. Building iOS, Embedded systems you can take the IQ closer to the edge.

Annotation, Tagging

Use the platform to re-process old data to gain better results. Our platform auto-tags, annotates and builds metadata for CV, NLP models.

A.I. as a services (Streams)

Using our infrastructure topology and security we can provide best in class scaling and access to the knowledge you have created.


Reaching business targets using A.I.

Learn how business capabilities can be built using Artificial Intelligence. Leverage your staff knowledge to start creating a data lake of useful empirical data. We will discuss design strategies which can more rapidly speed up the data gathering processes.

Mark Swartz

CTO | Co-Founder

Dr. Vimal Ramjee

A.I. Medical Imagery

Secure Computer Vision and Medical AI Platform

Our platform and systems meet the following compliance standards:

The Qtis AI services are in compliance with NIST 800-53 controls in scope for FedRAMP, which includes all requisite controls described in NIST 800-171.