Qtis utilizes an advanced technology
stack that leverages machine intelligence
across every layer.

Strategically and securely delivered on a set of platforms and devices.

Always designed for productivity with efficacy in mind.

We have a unique approach that allows us to accurately locate and learn conditions.


The perfect merge between computer vision, natural language, and sophisticated algorithms creates results that have not yet been seen. The systems can review and locate previously undiscovered anomalies that are then treated with a bespoke process.


We can see more points on the surface(s) we are working with, allowing us an unbiased discovery before an assessment. This approach helps us discriminate bias leaving an empirical set of data that can feed into networks.


Products delivered by Qtis or systems we feed into will provide new opportunities for clients and scientists to more quickly iterate and test, reduce risks, and save time and costs. Qtis Medical Synthetics removes costly steps in many medical, pharmaceutical, and product generation phases.