Have you heard of a region in California called, Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is known and serves as a global center for high technology, tech startups, and innovations.

Apple, Facebook, and Google are among the most prominent.?

Upon moving to the United States from Sweden and getting my Esthetics License in California, I was fortunate enough to land a job at a prominent Dermatology practice in the heart of Silicon Valley; Palo Alto, CA.

My time there brought me to closely evaluate the skincare consultation process, workflow, and patient results and outcome.

It made me wonder; How come we are still using paper charts and document skincare plans on paper?

There must be a more effective way to process intake forms, create customized treatment plans, follow-ups, and guide clients toward their skin goal.

The “idea” of then Team Cutis, now Qtis began. What if clients and medical providers were able to utilize an App, or more so a cutting edge technology platform that they could have access to 24/7, and from anywhere in the world.

This platform could provide progress tools, educational content, encouragement tools, live access communication tools between clients/patients and providers, reminders, customized treatment plans, access to ingredients/products, access to your personalized Team of certified professionals that would guide them toward healthier skin and a healthier lifestyle.

This platform would include an accountability tool, to teach patience and consistency, because these two qualities are very important pillars in achieving skin health.

What if they could take photos of their skin concern, see before and after photos of their progress, and be able to send them live and directly to their team of professionals for analysis?

No need to drive, walk, and help to minimize in-office visits but have the same access to their providers via an App/platform anytime?

So we built Qtis.

Our Qtis App provides all of the above plus so much more! It is truly a future skin health innovation tool.

We didn’t want to “just” create an intake/consultation iOS App to sell products. We want to provide education, knowledge, and help consumers achieve successful results and help certified providers increase revenue and perfect workflow. With the Qtis App, utilizing AI technology we are able to provide result-oriented success full treatment plans, increase revenue, increase satisfaction rate and outcomes, cut providers time, and be present anywhere in be the world!

We don’t sell products or brands; we sell and recommend ingredients.

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