Design and Develop Precision Based Capabilities

A.I. Sciences Platforms

Solving the uncommon, difficult use cases where precision matters.

We designed and built our
platforms to help identify, diagnose
medical related skin disorders.

To solve this challenge we built the first
full Computer Vision workflow platform
where precision & time is critical.

Each system was conceived to help solve an increasing level of complexity.

QSx Platforms


You can generate computer based images of humans that are genetically accurate or use QS4 to fast track any CV project where you lack starting data.

Identification System

Create models which can locate the object, shape or other specific items or areas within images. Please ask about the MACRO and MICRO capabilities.

Formulation Network

Access a Neural Network of chemistry formulations, materials, contradictions and reference materials for laboratory planning and product testing.

Skin Outcomes

Add or remove skin conditions, tatoos, moles or alter the face to represent a future version based on accurate data. Connect this with QS6.

Skin Oncology

Locate moles and other skin related anomalies. Then route the data, trigger an alert. Decrease the risk within your AI workloads.

Analytics System

Generate charts with precision measurements as refrence points. Data points for both medical, skincare and beauty related key indicators. 

Annotation System

Using out automated platforms we can deliver advanced annotated, tagged with full metadata to any CV workload.

Treatments System

You can add medical forms, laboratory focus group data or other input sources to help train an AI to recommend treatments.

Imaging Tools

Connect this system to generate alternative versions of images that can then be used in advanced secondary AI models.

Color System

Extract color related details from images in any format needed. HEX, LaB, RGB etc. Use this system to locate or improve AI capabilities.

Measurement System

Locate objects, shapes then perform complex or simple measurements within an image. Useful for defined models and other medical use-cases.

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