The future of healthy skin is from within. Really it is not the future, it has always been that case. However now in 2020 is when everyone and every media outlet has begun to finally pay attention to the correlation between our internal health affecting our skin health. That means; what we put in our bodies (nutrition), our mindset (positivity/stress relief), and how much we actually move our body (activity level) has and tremendous effect on our skin health.

Skincare companies have for decades claimed their products can turn back time, make you look younger, help clear acne and blemishes, address uneven skin tone and pigmentation concerns. They claim to help you achieve healthy glowing skin. Btw I really disklike the term “glowing”. There is no such thing as glowing skin, the term is healthy skin. Healthy skin, will glow, will be clear, will be even and skin looking like that is what makes you look younger.

Let’s be clear, skincare products and ingredients are crucial to skin health. They do make a difference and help to correct and improve skin conditions, concerns, and diseases if formulated correctly.

Certain skin conditions and diseases require topical and oral medications as well. (always consult with your MD/Dermatologist).

So why the term “healthy skin is achieved from within”?

We created The Qtis Plan (SM)

Because we believe healthy skin is achieved but most importantly only maintained long-term by incorporating the 4 pillars;

Ingredients | Nutrition | Activity | Mindset

Many skin conditions and diseases are aggravated by certain foods and diets, hormonal changes, and stress.

Some are affected by our immune system and how our body reacts to certain medications and vitamins.

For example, acne is aggravated and can be caused by certain foods, certain medications (which may affect hormonal changes), vitamins, and chronic stress which increases levels of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and sends the skin’s sebaceous (oil) glands into overdrive, which mixes with dead skin cells and breakout-causing bacteria.

It is time to pay attention to your internal health if you would like to achieve that healthy “glowing” skin.

Be patient and consistent with a customized skincare routine that contains the appropriate ingredients and formulation to address your skin concerns.

Move your body daily! Go for a walk, lift weights, stay active. Sweating helps to flush out toxins from your body and helps to “clear” your mind as well. It has been proven that those who? lift weights? on a consistent basis? look? many years? younger? than their years and you’ll also find that you will experience a more stable, happier mood state.

Nutrition is key and so important to your skin health. Based on your skin condition, concern, and goal, you may need to incorporate and/or eliminate certain foods.

Mindset is as important for healthier skin. Mindset includes your level of patience and consistency. How committed are you to achieve healthy, clear skin? How patient are you to achieve your goal?

Are you incorporating a growth type of mindset?

How are you relieving stress? Are you incorporating, yoga, meditation, nature therapy, breathwork, and quality time spent with friends and family?

The Qtis Plan (SM) incorporates the 4 pillars to guide you toward healthy skin.

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