Healthcare & Providers

Areas where Data Science & Artificial Intelligence can benefit everyone.

We help Healthcare Companies and Providers take advantage of advanced AI capabilities. These capabilities allow an opportunity of harnessing data and advanced technologies sooner. This will help maximize patient treatment time to further advance health care delivery.

“Data science and AI have the potential to transform the way new healthcare businesses can evolve and help more people on earth sooner. When given a channel to bring new therapeutics, diagnoses and treatments to those who are not able to afford or have access”

Mark Swartz

CTO, Co-Founder

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Inspired to take the next step?

Qtis strives to help bring all Healthcare endeavors further, faster. To reach out to everyone is hard and detracts us from our core businesses. If you work in a Healthcare organization or Group of Providers and wish to have your team learn more, or have an RFI or RFP already prepared. We are ready for you.