Healthcare & Provider Solutions

We use multiple AI systems built on industry best practices to build powerful AI solutions for healthcare that transform care delivery.

We leverage artificial intelligence in medical imaging, teaching algorithms to recognize abnormalities in MRI, CT, ultrasound, and X-ray images, while ensuring compliance with the DICOM standard

We feed the data from medical systems to AI algorithms to build voice interfaces for medical software and devices, create smart applications for optical character recognition, pinpoint insurance and data fraud, and introduce caregivers to other benefits of AI in the medical field

We extract data from patient portals, EHR, EMR, hospital management, prescription management, and appointment booking systems and run it through neural networks to optimize care workflows and help doctors make better decisions about patient diagnosis and treatment

We set up automation algorithms to let medical staff devote more time to catering for patients rather than doing mundane administrative tasks. With automation you can more easily manage the practice and more

Different healthcare stakeholders have different goals, and we help to achieve them all. You stay focsued on your medical artificial intelligence solutions with relevant standards, including HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, HITECH, and DICOM.

Hospitals and clinics

We help you to eliminate inefficiencies and automate workflows, foster in-patient care and adopt telemedicine, and pave your way to other value-driving applications of AI in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Medtech and startups

We can enrich your apps, medical devices, and remote patient monitoring systems with AI capabilities to help you win the market with next-gen solutions.

Life Sciences, R&D

We help you to facilitate medical research, advance clinical trials, and enjoy other benefits of artificial intelligence in medicine and vaccine development.

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